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Making Marriage Work

What happens when you get married in full anticipation of the bliss and happiness that your marriage is going to give you and you suddenly find that your partner is suffering from male impotence and hence unable to consummate the marriage? Within days you come down to the earthly realities and possibly go into a deep depression or emotional trauma. It is but natural that one would feel disappointed and angry.


It is normal for couples to build up their dreams and expectations out of their marriage. Honeymoon is so called as it is supposed to be the happiest period of their life. However if the man has male impotence, it is rather unfortunate. This can happen to anyone. The cases of male impotence is increasing. In the case of women, the problems are normally related to infertility and her ability to conceive. In the case of men, there can be a problem with sperm count and the inability to fertilize the egg released by the woman. But in most cases the problem arises with erectile dysfunction and resultant inability to copulate.

There causes for male impotence can vary from physiological, pathological and so called bio medical factors to psychological and emotional factors too. With the medical advancement, there is cure and treatment available for every kind of male impotence problem. From penile implants to hormonal therapy and counseling, there is a huge billion dollar industry that promises cure with Levitra.

This kind of difficulty in consummation of marriage is quite common. Many people panic and believe that they are impotent. However, research shows that most couple lack the experience and the knowledge of engaging in a physical relationship. It is true that with internet and magazines etc, there is no dearth of information on sex. Every young adult is interested and gathers a lot of knowledge through these mediums. In fact most of the times, sex is on the minds of the young adults always. But all of this information does not necessarily mean that they know the techniques right.

Today there are lot of doctors who practice sex therapy and conduct workshops. They teach and make you practice the right techniques as in theory and practice as well. This would be the best solution for the couples to go for and learn the right methods. The sex therapy workshops teach the art of enjoying sex in the right way, beginning with preparing the body and the mind as well as the right environment. It teaches about the male and female physical chemistry and the process to be followed before going in for the physical act.

After all sex is not just a physical act. It involves emotions as well as relationship. Individual’s happiness, well being, peace is dependent upon the quality of the relationship both in terms of physical relationship and the emotional relationship between the couple. Marriage is a life time partnership and a long term commitment. Problems and ups and downs are but a part of life. Therefore if the marriage were to have initial roadblocks, it should not cause panic or trouble in the marriage. Rather the couple should approach and seek the right counsel and professional help to resolve issues and take their marriage forward.

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